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This is a first for me. Cool street hack, stretching plastic wrap btw poles and spray painting it #vscocam
Picking out caterers with Bryn. Our first tasting! #vscocam
It’s a Christmas miracle! #vscocam
And the winner for best holiday card goes to @39forks for the and harvest’s screenprinted + spyglass creation #vscocam

“Silicon Valley has a seemingly endless capacity to mistake social and political problems for technological ones[.]”


Alex Payne — Bitcoin, Magical Thinking, and Political Ideology (via matthew)

To those less kind, Bitcoin has become synonymous with everything wrong with Silicon Valley: a marriage of dubious technology and questionable economics wrapped up in a crypto-libertarian political agenda that smacks of nerds-do-it-better paternalism. With its influx of finance mercenaries, the Bitcoin community is a grim illustration of greed running roughshod over meaningful progress.

(via kenyatta)

(via kenyatta)

Bryn does her best Lionel Ritchie #vscocam
Maya Ben-Ezer’s emoji typewriter (at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center)

“That logic follows a widely shared cultural belief: We all tend to assume that young people are on the technological vanguard, that they somehow have got an inside scoop on what’s next. If today’s kids are Snapchatting instead of Facebooking, the thinking goes, tomorrow we’ll all be Snapchatting, too, because tech habits, like hairstyles, flow only one way: young to old. There is only one problem with elevating young people’s tastes this way: Kids are often wrong. There is little evidence to support the idea that the youth have any closer insight on the future than the rest of us do. Sometimes they are first to flock to technologies that turn out to be huge; other times, the young pick products and services that go nowhere. They can even be late adopters, embracing innovations that older people understood first. To butcher another song: The kids could be all wrong.”

Believe. (at Art Gallery of Ontario)